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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How long does production time take?
    STANDARD PRODUCTION In HXD we take great pride in our quick production and delivery times . The design process takes between 7 to 10 working days. After the design is finalised the manufacturing process begins that takes another 10 to 12 working days. Total will be 7 to 21 working days. After quality inspection the products are ready to ship to every part of the world. We ship our products through EASYPARCEL express delivery. This service will reach everywhere in the Malaysia within 3 days, while it needs 2 day to reach Selangor area. For a more fastest solution, you can request delivery by Bus or Runner Service. EXPRESS PRODUCTION In case you are in a great hurry you can request an express delivery. In express delivery ,we will try and get the whole process done for you within or less than 10 working days. This comes at extra cost for you but it depends on our production schedule. So if you need it just ask for it!
  • Until what time I can send order?
    Email and payment that has been sent us before 3.00 pm during working day, we will try our best to process on the same day or the next working day. Email & payment sent to us after 3.00 pm, the order will process on the next working days
  • Can I change my order?
    If you want to change your artwork,detail or order, please email new submission to us within 3 working days. No changes will be accept after that (please finalize your order thoroughly) Due date will extend due to change in order (additional 1-3 working days) If we do not receive the email of your changes within 3 working days, we will proceed with your first submission. If there are any mistake in quantity and order, we are not responsible due to complicated order.
  • Will you provide confirmation design services before printing?
    Yes. Customer have to confirm the artwork through email before printing. We will hold your order until you send confirmation and we will not be responsible for any late confirmation from customer.
  • Can I reject the color print ?
    Without color proof or cmyk code, customer cannot reject the order. We don’t accept rgb color & jpeg/image (rgb) (please use vector) If send the artwork color in jpeg/image, we don’t responsible on any color reject) please be inform design send in rgb, the output color will not be the same as in design. For black please use C40 Y40 M40 K100. Output will be gray if you not using this If you provide color code with decimal (0.20%) we will not entertain with color different

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Printing Service For Your Budget

Payments Accepted

You may direct bank in cash / online transfer to the total order amount to our Malayan Banking (MAYBANK) Account.

Please note that order will be process after the Cheque* is clear or cash is deposited in our account. After bank in please provide us proof by WHATSAPP or email.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation will be charge 50% of total Deposit.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For Reject and Exchange, customer are require to return back to us within 7 working days from date of collection.

* Please use Maybank Cheque for faster clearance

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