Latest edition of Microfiber eyelet, one that redefines what Microfiber Eyelet fabric can achieve and brings a new life to our all-time best-seller. More comfortable than previous edition with lightness and softness fabrics.

The same good characteristics of jersey can be embellished with the addition of an eyelet pattern. This knitting method is the Eyelet knit, whereby small holes or perforation are patterned on the fabric to facilitate breathability. This eyelet knit fabric is commonly used in sport wears. 

  •  150 – 155 gm/m2


The DuraLite fabric blend is designed to wick sweat away from your body out onto the surface of the garment where it can evaporate at a faster rate. This allows your body to regulate its body temperature while you exercise

  •  150 – 155 gm/m2


The combination of Mini Eyelet dan Dot Eyelet to provides an extra feature for garment maker to make reversible garments yet it still cost the same as other fabric.

This fabric comes with 2 different pattern design at the other side. 

  •  170 – 175 gm/m2


It mimics the hexagonal wax cells pattern found in bee hives.


The Honeycomb knit consists of ridges and hollows that allow the fabric to readily absorb moisture and thus it is a popular fabric for Sports shirts. 

  •  150– 155 gm/m2


Trist is a fabric constructed to keep athletes cool and comfortable.


The fibers of the material are woven with small, diamond dots that help to pull heat away from the wearer's body as well as provide a cool, refreshing touch to the skin.

  •  160 – 165 gm/m2


This Fabric that concentrate structure enhances the tactile impression.


It is a range of product which is knitted to fulfil the user’s demands for fine and smooth fabric surface.

  •  170 – 175 gm/m2


Silk-like texture, reflective surface, Micro Interlock is the best low-cost solution for sublimation printing material.


Weighting at only 140GSM, Micro Interlock offers low-cost and low fabric consumption while high quality is still its core attribute.


Its reflective surface picks up light and sun ray perfectly, it enhances the visual effect and the depth of the graphic like no other.

  •  145 – 150 gm/m2


Made by interlocking two simple ribbed fabrics, each made with single yarn. This knit has fine ribs running lengthwise. Fabric's face and reverse look the same thus making it reversible. Interlock knit has no lengthwise stretch; more crosswise stretch than double knits or jersey knit.


Extremely suitable in our Rugby Team wear ranges, due to its heavyweight easy care and sports finish properties. The Double Interlock Knit surface offers a very durable robust fabric with the added benefit of our X-Mesh™ moisture management system.

  • 280 – 285 gm/m2


Polyester Spandex Micro Fiber knit is a popular choice for casual fit and tight-fitted compression activewear and athletic clothing that is currently very popular.


The wicking and anti-microbial finish of the material, tight fit, and great stretch of this blended fabric allows for a comfortable wear and good lateral movement.


These attributes make this spandex fabric popular in Heavy Sport apparel, most notably in rugby

  • 250 – 255 gm/m2


Tricot fabric has a unique zigzag weave that is textured on one side and smooth on the other. This allows the fabric to be soft and also very sturdy for activewear.

Tricot fabric is normally used for the common sportswear, underwear, socks and homespun sweater, using filling yarn to form loops crosswise

  •  200– 210 gm/m2


PolyCOT is a double layer microfiber made of 60% polyester and 30% cotton. This blend combined the qualities of the cotton and polyester by adjusting the ratio of the mix. With a blend of cotton, they are more comfortable than an all polyester material shirt. 

  •  165– 170 gm/m2

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